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Raleigh Round Island Challenge – swim till you drop!

Posted by on April 8, 2013

I have always said that I am very much a land animal. As long as it is on dry land, be it on my 2 trusty legs, or on some wheels, I have no qualms going very fast! But when it comes to water sports, I often feel a hundred pounds heavier, and I move so slow!

So the thought of a 24-hour swimathon is, to me, an indescribably painful day. But that’s just me.

A group of youngsters are game for it. The Raleigh Round Island Challenge will be held in Perhentian Island on May 3rd, 2013 and will encompass a 56 km swim around the island! 56 participants have risen to the challenge in the name of charity. And oh, it is, moreover, Malaysia’s 56th year of independence. =)

So support this amazing, incredible feat by donating or just being present to cheer for these brave, brave young people. :) Click on the image above to find out more! :)

2 Responses to Raleigh Round Island Challenge – swim till you drop!

  1. Raleigh RIC

    Thanks for promoting our challenge! :)

  2. Jia Yee

    Thanks Karen! :D We have Uni Students, 9-5 working adults, business owners, state and national swimmers in this Raleigh swim. Hitting the sea in about 20days now.. :D

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