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Posted by on May 2, 2019

I’ve changed. On the 29th of April, 2019, our first child was born. Gary, has become a father. And I have become a mother. Here’s the story of how our little Ollie was born.

As we approach the 40 week mark of my pregnancy, it was decided that I induced my labour. It was a hard decision to make, one that sent me on a rollercoaster of emotions as we approach the date, but in the end, Gary and I agreed it was for the best.

On 29th April, Monday morning 8 am, Dr Yus came in to put the Prostin suppository. She said contractions will start in about an hour, so perhaps we will meet our baby in the afternoon. But they didn’t really start until about 11.45 am. Then, it was quite mild, even though the CTG scan showed they were there.

Dr Yus came at 1.30 pm and checked, dilation now about 2.5 cm, so she said maybe tonight baby will be out! For the next few hours, the wait was more painful than the contractions. Mum and dad stopped by at 4.30 pm to say hi and see how I was doing.

At roughly 6 pm, I had to go to the toilet. When I  came back to the bed, water started flowing out from me. Started as a little bit, then it became more and more and soon felt like it was gushing out. The whole mattress protector was wet with fluid and blood. Gary called the nurse and she asked me to put on a pad to check and see if it was really my water bag that had broken. I did and within seconds my whole maxi pad was soaked through. I was so afraid to move, I stayed lying down on my bed, feeling the water soaking through my hospital sarong and the new mattress protector.

My doc was busy at that time but she has been informed. The nurse did a dilation check and I was still only 3-4 cm dilated. But with the amount of fluid coming out I feared the water levels were fast depleting.

At 7 pm, the nurses wheeled me into the delivery room on my bed, then transferred me to the delivery bed. I can still feel water flowing steadily out nonstop and the contractions, the real ones everyone keeps telling me about became stronger and stronger. My dilation was still only 4 cm, so, the nurse said it might still be a while, roughly 1 cm per hour. I thought I was going to deliver past midnight. I told Gary to go have his dinner quickly. I breathed through every contraction, which were coming every 2-3 minutes now, and was so intense I was gripping the sheets so hard. I tried to focus on objects, colours, sound around me, and kept telling myself to open open open! The nurse told me a couple of times that if I wanted pain killers, I can say so. I breathed and through clenched teeth, said I was doing fine.

At 7.45 pm, Gary came back and I was writhing in pain. Dr came and checked and said still about 4+ cm. She proceeded to remove the urine from my bladder which she said was blocked by baby’s head hence I was unable to pee it all out, and also might be what’s causing the slow dilation progress. The pain shot through the roof after this. And I think I was going “Aaaaahhhhh!” pretty loudly.

At 9 pm the nurse asked me if I wanted pain killers, and after thinking that I still have a good 4-5 hours to go, I agreed to have the butt jab of Pethidine. Within 20 minutes I started feeling really drowsy, but the contractions were still there and they woke me up each time I dozed off to sleep.

I’m not fully aware of what happened after this, but I remember Dr Yus coming in and checking and she said 8 cm. I looked over at Gary and said “that escalated quickly!” Then shortly after, she came again and checked and she said 9 cm. And I looked at the clock and it wasn’t even 10 pm yet. Then, at the next contraction, I woke up to doctor saying “10 cm, ok let’s go”. It was about 10 pm on the clock.

Throughout the push phase, I wasn’t fully awake, but I could hear the doctor and the midwife guiding me on when to push. I knew I had to wait for the contractions, and I knew they told me to “Continue, Continue!” I could hear Gary telling me “Come on Hunny, Allez!”. I was grabbing onto the handles like my life depended on them, and at some points I think I may have raised my butt up too. I keep hearing doctor say, “Sikit lagi sikit lagi!” So I don’t know how many times I pushed but I felt it, a big blob of jelly coming out. It was the biggest feeling of relief, ever!! 10.18 pm, was the time recorded when Ollie was born and placed on my chest. The most adorable piece of mess I have ever held in my arms. ♥

Full name: Oliver Ben Fong Kayzen
Birthday: 29th April 2019

Our first family photo

Ollie and his Por Por

Ollie and his Gong Gong

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