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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Eat breakfast like a King

I’m sure you have heard of the phrase; Eat breakfast like a king, Lunch like a prince, And dinner like a pauper. Well, I’m a bit afraid to put this out there because I know that many Malaysians would take this a bit too literally, but only for the first line, and then, they will … Continue reading »

Categories: Om nom nom | 1 Comment

“When your a** becomes your feet”

I attended a really good seminar that day on functional movement training. The trainer, Marcel Daane, said something…well he said┬ámany things actually…that really made me think about our population at large. But one thing he said, I thought, is worth mentioning over and over again, for as many times as it takes to get the … Continue reading »

Categories: Run!, What's happening inside my body? | 4 Comments