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You are special.

Posted by on March 1, 2013

Every one of us is different. We have different body types, different backgrounds, different genes, different lifestyles. What we do in our daily lives actually plays a major role in our appearance and our health.

I was on BFM 89.9 recently to talk about how one can create or sculpt themselves a fitness regime that is suitable for them. Here is the podcast of that interview:

But I thought I’d add a little more on top of that just so you guys can get a better idea.

We all have different goals in life but the one goal that should be constant is the goal to be healthy. I cannot stress any more on how much I emphasize leading a healthy lifestyle while you’re still young and able so your future self wouldn’t have to suffer so much.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle, isn’t as simple as just signing up at the gym, although it can very well start with that. It takes more than just working it out once a week, and then go back to incessant smoking and junk food eating and deprived sleep. You would need to tease out one bad habit at a time.

It also means changing your daily habits such as:-

  1. Trying to find the closest parking lot to the entrance. I’ve met so many people who would rather go a million rounds and burn up precious petrol than to park their cars just 100 m further away.
  2. Watching the telly or hanging out till late at night and not getting enough sleep. Very often people ask me why aren’t they achieving their fitness goals when they work out 3-4 x a week intensely. I ask them if they sleep well at night, and they give me that “But I have no choice!” look. I know that the corporate world can get a little crazy, but more often than not, it’s just habitual. Make the right choices and you will find time to sleep more. 7 hours is ideal.
  3. Not eating when you’re hungry and eating when it’s too late. This causes gastric, AND if you eat too close to sleepy time your body wouldn’t digest it well. So you get very little of the nutrients. Which is a waste of good food, I would say.
  4. Having bad standing and sitting postures. Most of the time backaches are caused by bad posture. For those of you who spend hours at your desk, it is crucial to have the ideal sitting posture so you spare your lower back from unwanted stress. Always try to sit up straight, and stand up straight. When you’re standing, try not to shift your weight to one side and stay there too long, always have your weight evenly distributed across both legs. Make sure you don’t slouch when you’re sitting, try pushing your butt out to the back. Use a small pillow for further support.

Old habits definitely die hard, but if you’re determined to live a more quality lifestyle, I think you should consider these pointers to supplement your fitness regime. =)

Never a bad time to change, just start today!

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