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“When your a** becomes your feet”

Posted by on October 17, 2012

I attended a really good seminar that day on functional movement training. The trainer, Marcel Daane, said something…well he said many things actually…that really made me think about our population at large. But one thing he said, I thought, is worth mentioning over and over again, for as many times as it takes to get the message across to our people. Don’t let your ass become your feet.

See, in a lot of countries abroad, people walk a lot. In general, they have better public transport systems, better infrastructure for walking, nicer sceneries, better traffic, better weather, the works. So, more people walk over there than they do over here, which is understandable given our weather, traffic, and other environmental conditions, but most definitely not acceptable. Malaysians are LAZY. A bold statement, but undeniably true. We sit around way too much, we always opt for the lift or escalators over the stairs, and we’d rather drive in endless circles just so we can find a parking closest possible to whichever shop we want to go to. And it shocks me more when a runner, or an athlete would have the same sort of behaviour outside of race conditions. WHY?!?!

See when we stop using a certain part of our body, as time passes by, we forget how to use this part well. I mean, just remember when we used to get a break from school for a whole month. And when we went back and held a pen to write again, how weird did it feel? Same thing. We used to walk and run loads when we were kids and then as we grew older we use less and less of our lower bodies and more and more of our big bottom. Our brains will eventually phase out the neuron pathways to our lower bodies because it has decided to conserve energy and send more neurons to other more functioning part of our bodies. I’m sure we will never forget how to walk, but I can assure you that we will forget how to dynamically use our muscles in an efficient way. And thus when we start to run for the first time in, let’s say 10 years, we’re going to look no more efficient than a toddler of 2 running down the hallway. Trust me.

When we sit around all day, our ass becomes our feet. And when that happens, it throws our whole system of anatomy out of whack. See our anatomical skeletal system is built in such a way that if there was a stable joint, it’ll be connected to a movable joint, which will then be connected to a stable joint and so on. I’ll give you one example.Take the ankle. It’s a freely movable joint, it has a wide range of motion in many planes. It is connected to the knees which are stable joints, only supposed to be moved in one plane. Knees are connected to our hip/pelvic joint, which is freely movable, because it is the centre of the driving force of most movements of our limbs. And the hips are connected to the lumbar region, which is the bottom of our spine, and has to be very stable to support our back bone.

Now imagine if we made our big bum our feet. It will then cause the hips to become stable, which in turn forces the lumbar region to move more than what it should, and…need I go on? Does it make sense now why you get back pain from sitting on your bum all day?

In fact, this article from Men’s Health, gives an explanation on why sitting around all day is slowly killing you! And in a looong and painful way too.

So. Drama aside. Malaysians, please spend more time walking around and less time sitting on your toosh. I know for people who work at their desks, that’s a very tall order to ask, but even if you cannot reduce the number of hours you spend sitting down, you CAN increase the number of hours you spend on moving your legs around, just to ensure that your brains don’t forget your lower body muscles and suspend all neural information heading down.  If you don’t have time, make it.

The content of this post were derived from Marcel Daane’s seminar. I’m simply reiterating it because I thought it was so damn good. :)

4 Responses to “When your a** becomes your feet”

  1. SoonKT

    Great! Thank you for sharing a good article

  2. lennie

    And if you *do* have to sit around, get a gym ball!

    • Karen

      True! But not everyone would be too keen on sitting on a gym ball for 8-10 hours haha…but do spread the word!

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