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Posted by on May 31, 2015

It’s the last day of May and I do realize it has been ages since I last blogged anything. It’s the year 2015, so I guess blogging is considered vintage in this age. I’m sitting on my bed listening to a playlist called “Quiet Evening” on Spotify – something to show the kind of mood I am in right this moment. It has been a really long time since I have written a journal entry of any sort, and this is evident in my inability to let the words just flow through. I am constantly hitting the backspace key, something I really shouldn’t be doing considering I am simply typing out my thoughts. Anyway…I think I’ve written way too much to start with already. Getting to the point…

It’s the year 2015, and I am feeling gracious. I am officially 29 years and 20 days old. I am the owner of Kia Kaha Fitness and last I checked, my company is still making a profit, albeit a conservative one. I work with a fun and interesting bunch of people in the industry of my dreams. I am finally sitting at my preferred body weight, God knows how long I’ve been trying to get down to this. I am doing half Ironman triathlons, and on my way to achieving full Ironman status soon. I am wearing a diamond ring on my fourth finger. My man, the love of my life, is in some obscure part of another country right now, but he calls me every day and tells me he loves me. Life is good to me. And I can’t be more grateful for all the things life has given me.

I try to be humble. I try to be modest. But the truth is I feel so damn lucky to have all the things I have now. The road I have traveled isn’t one that was pain-free, but it is the road that led me to here and now.

So, resolutions…There are 7 more months in 2015, starting tomorrow. And in this 7 months, there is plenty on my plate to achieve. A full Ironman. A new camp project. Maybe get some new wheels (car as well as bike). Internally, too, I have much to work on and better. To be more disciplined, for sure. To learn more, each and every day. To give more to those who need it. To love more, especially the ones who love me. To do my best to keep in touch with my closest friends. And of course, to plan a kick arse wedding. :)

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