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Taking Selfies to a whole new level

Posted by on June 9, 2016

I’ve always been an outdoorsy girl, I love hiking, trail running, rock climbing, swimming in the ocean, cycling on the highways, despite our warm tropical climate, the great outdoors always call out to me. Because of that, anything that says its water-proof, shock-proof, scratch-proof, (idiot-proof) always bling like diamond to me and I’d be drawn to it. On top of that, I do like my gadgets too, and I definitely love cameras.

So, enter the CASIO EXILIM Ex-Fr100. This neat little compact camera was introduced to me a couple of months back and I’ve been taking it for quite the spin in my active, outdoorsy life! It’s a sporty little Lifestyle Camera, which is made for adventurous people who likes to live on the edge and is not afraid to share their views with the world.

20160608_140420For starters, my camera came in a sporty bright yellow and black colour and it fits right in my palm. It’s lightweight allows it to fit into just about any pocket in your clothes of backpack. The camera consists of a lens and a console. The lens is actually the “CPU” of the camera as it houses the operating system and memory card. The console acts as a screen for you to view, select, edit, or delete your images and videos. 20160608_140501The COOLEST thing about the Ex-Fr100, to me, is its detachable lens. Do you know what this means? It means you can detach the lens and out it anywhere you want to take the ultimate selfie or wefie you can imagine! It’s connected to the console via Bluetooth, so Hello, wireless!. All you need to do, is put the lens somewhere that’s within Bluetooth signal, and you can check your frame out using the console in your hands. When you’re happy, snap away! Which I most definitely did!

CIMG1142 CIMG1027

The camera has a 16mm wide angle lens, so fitting a room full of people is a piece of cake! It is wide enough to take your entire football team, but not a fish-eye lens that it distorts everybody on the side. My friends have all grown quite fond of my little Ex-Fr100, and nowadays I’m usually the one who takes the wefies!


Then one day, I decided to pop the lens onto a Selfie stick (which came with the pack), and completely revolutionised wefie photos! We put it high above our heads and because of its wide angle lens, people actually thought we brought a drone in!


With its 30 frames per second high speed shutter, jump shots are a must! You won’t miss the best shot this time (and Slow poke Jack can get some rest for ruining the picture)


20160608_140642And of course, I wouldn’t be into it if it didn’t withstand water & shock! The Ex-Fr100 is water proof up to 1.5m for 60 minutes and shock proof too (not that I’m a klutz). CIMG1047It takes being dropped from up to 1.7m (1.3m when joined with its console) and the cold of down to -5℃ (which I don’t have the opportunity to test out, unfortunately). It takes pretty clear photos under water!! The Bluetooth signal doesn’t comply under water so the console doesn’t really work under water. But all you need is the lens!

We even tried to do some videos! This camera boasts 240 fps high speed movie capture in HD! It’s anti-shake function gets the video a lot smoother. Here’s a short recording on sitting in a 4WD going up to Gunung Brinchang the Mossy Forest.

The camera also has it’s own movie making function, where you can choose a group of photos & videos from a certain date, and it will pick the best shots and make a movie out of it! You can choose a 15 second, 30 second or 1 minute video. It also has 7 background music you can choose from. Here’s a family hiking trip I did with my family up to Gunung Nuang.

The EXILIM phone app is easy to use and free to download, so it makes file transfers effortless! Just a few seconds and you can upload the photos taken onto social media right from your smartphone. So you won’t have to keep throwing back and latergramming your photos. :)

I’m sure there are plenty more functions and features that I have yet to explore, but needless to say my Ex-Fr100 is a nifty little gadget that has added so much more colour to my adventures. Thanks Casio!

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