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Posted by on December 7, 2012

These days the weather in Klang Valley has been so erratic that for outdoor lovers like me, it can be pretty frustrating when yet another workout plan becomes a washout. Seriously, how is anyone ever going to get their adrenaline fix like this?

Well, I know that many of you have heard about these Tabata and HIIT workouts but don’t really know what to put together. And I have had requests to post up some workouts that I do on my own. Here’s one Tabata workout you can try:

1. Get a timer app for your phone. I use My Interval Timer Pro for Android.

2. Remember Tabata is about 20 seconds of workout, and 10 seconds of rest. So set High intensity at 20 seconds and Low intensity at 10 seconds. Low intensity is your resting time so you do nothing but breathe for 10 seconds. Put 8 repetitions.

3. You’ll be doing 3 sets of exercise. Each set consists of 2 different exercises, repeated 8 times (which means you only do each exercise 4 times, alternating).

Jumping Jacks +  push ups

Jump lunges + sit ups

Squat jumps + Russian twist

I’m pretty sure these will shoot your heart rate right up so allow about 2 minutes rest between each set. And get ready water and a towel. =) My standard formula is usually a mix of one high intensity exercise (lots of jumping usually) and a low intensity exercise (usually more static exercises). Try this workout out, and when you get the hang of it, you can choose your own exercises :)

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