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The Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013

Posted by on October 1, 2013

This year’s Standard Chartered KL Marathon signified my 11th full marahon. I had big hopes for this one, seeing that I recently managed to clock just a minute over 4 hours in the Malaysian Women’s Marathon. I had never been able to do a sub 4 hour marathon time in my home country Malaysia, but have managed to achieve it twice in New Zealand. Thus, I had a goal to do a sub 4 hour marathon in the KL Marathon this year.

But alas, luck was not really on my side as I came down with a bout of salmonella poisoning a week ago which made me sick and unable to train for a whole week. Add that to the fact that I was given the amazing opportunity to open a booth in The Heart exhibition (more on this soon) the whole weekend of the race. I was pretty drained of energy come Sunday morning 4 am at Dataran Merdeka. I knew that a sub 4 was going to be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

I was spot on. Cut short, I felt like the only fuel source I was running on were from the energy gels that I consumed every 10 kms. Even then, the energy I gained from each pack drained up within 7-8kms of running, leaving me to drag my feet along for the remaining 2-3 clicks before I consume another pack. I’ve never felt this exhausted before, my legs were heavy as bricks and my mind was weak as well.

Nonetheless, I was determined to finish it anything under 4 hours and a half, and so with every ounce of will power I had in the last 15 clicks or so, I pushed through and came in in 4 hours and 20 minutes. Crossing the finish line felt extremely bittersweet. :)

The Marathon has once again humbled me. The last few clicks were terribly agonizing but the satisfaction of not giving up is eternal. :) My Malaysian PB will just have to wait till next year.

Photography Credits: Mr. Chan WK

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