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How come I don’t look like you?

Posted by on February 9, 2012

I have met many people who work hard, train hard, watch their diet and yet find it really hard to achieve the size and weight they want. I have also met many people who pretty much sit around all day and pop junk into their mouths and yet have bodies which are envied by others. Sound familiar?

What a lot of people don’t know is that we all belong to a different body type. There are 3 main body types of people and we may fall under one or two body types, with a skewness towards one major one. I’ll list them out as follows.


Ectomorphs are usually thin, slender people. They have a small frame with narrow shoulders, chest and hips. Ectos generally do not put on muscle or fat mass as easily as the other 2 body types, although with proper training, they can still increase their muscle tone. Because of their lack of musculature, ectos usually stay away from power/strength sports such as rugby or sprinting. They, instead, dominate the endurance sports scene as well as gymnastics and synchronised swimming.

I think most Asians are ectos compared to our Western counterparts. People who fall under this category are lightweight and have the advantage of staying thin without gaining much body fat, as long as a healthy lifestyle is maintained i.e. good diet and regular exercise. However, some ectos have a higher risk of achieving too low levels of body fat which may be detrimental to their health.

So, ladies, dieting isn’t always the best solution to everything!! :D


Mesomorphs are those who have the tendency to build muscle mass easily. They are usually more V shaped than the other 2 types, with broad shoulders and back, but narrow hips and abdomen. Mesos are built for power and strength sports such as rugby, sprinting, swimming (especially the butterfly strokers) and tennis. They also do not store much body fat, but can easily pack on the muscles through proper training.

There are some Malaysians I know who are slightly meso and they should consider themselves lucky! Mesos are very responsive to cardiovascular and resistance training, making them built for sports and athletics. Some ladies might find it a bit daunting that to see their muscle tone up, but I can assure you that the new age woman is not skinny and flabby!

Muscle tone is the new hot! :)


Endopmorphs are usually pear shaped, with round shaped head, wide hips and a tendency to be overall round. They also tend to have shorter limbs. Endos tend to store higher levels of body fat compared to ectos and mesos. However, their large amounts of mass enables them to excel in sports like power lifting and rugby too, with the right training and diet.

I think a lot of Westerners or endomorphs and when I compare how much some of them eat, to how much we Malaysians eat, I sometimes think we’re so lucky to be ectos or mesosEndos are less desirable body types to be, but if you were born with it, I’d say when life hands you lemons, make lemonade! :) If you think you’re an endomorph, then eat right, exercise right, and buy clothes which compliment your curves. Confidence is key!


We may be a mix of 2 body types with a skew to one type. Somatotyping is a process of evaluating one’s body type. Each body type has a scale of 1-7, with 1 being the least and 7 being the most.

If you ever get the chance to undergo somatotyping, you’ll get a result of 3 numbers, first number represents your skewness towards Endomorph, second towards mesomorph and third towards ectomorph.

I think I’m a 254, which makes me a Mesoectomorph. What do you think you are? =)


5 Responses to How come I don’t look like you?

  1. Joanne Khoo

    hm…I think I’m a mesomorph cause I pack on muscles very easily (too much for my liking at times)

    btw, from the last i saw you, you are looking good and hot karen siah! =)

    • karen

      how did u find my site? hahaha i haven’t even launched it yet!

      yea i’m the same, i don’t even do weights, yet i have tones arms and shoulders. count your blessings i guess, least we don’t pack on fat =)

  2. Joanne Khoo

    o, em…facebook? haha, you posted this entry and it was link to this site?

    you are right, count our blessings. better than muscle than fat any day =)

  3. Cassie

    *Gulp* I think I’m an endomorph! Thanks for sharing this :)

  4. Cassie

    I think I’m an endomorph! Thanks for sharing this :)

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