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Body type

You are special.

Every one of us is different. We have different body types, different backgrounds, different genes, different lifestyles. What we do in our daily lives actually plays a major role in our appearance and our health. I was on BFM 89.9 recently to talk about how one can create or sculpt themselves a fitness regime that … Continue reading »

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A gymnast’s dilemma

Recently I have been told by a friend of mine (who is a very very experienced Personal Trainer) that I’ve got scoliosis. And since she has been training me on muscular imbalance and postural correction in clients, I’ve become more and more conscious of my own spine and posture. But that’s for the next post … Continue reading »

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How come I don’t look like you?

I have met many people who work hard, train hard, watch their diet and yet find it really hard to achieve the size and weight they want. I have also met many people who pretty much sit around all day and pop junk into their mouths and yet have bodies which are envied by others. … Continue reading »

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