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Being ID’d

Posted by on December 2, 2014

I’ve always been a slow rider on my road bike and people tend to say, “You just need more practise, more mileage!”, which is probably true, except that I spend a lot of the time during these rides with these he-kudas and she-kudas (male and female horses…or stallions) riding by my lonesome because I struggle to keep up with them. This is something which deters me from riding as I fear a whole list of things that I imagine would happen to me in that lonely time. Stuff like, I could crash and nobody would know until probably an hour later when they have been waiting at the check point long enough and have not seen me. Or I could have been kidnapped or assaulted by a deranged¬†motorcyclist and the nearest rider to me is nowhere within earshot of my screams. Or I could have just passed out from sheer exhaustion (probably most likely by my riding fitness level, when compared with these lot).

So, no, I don’t fancy riding very much when my head goes through this train of thoughts.

Something to calm my nerves a little though, is being ID’d. In other words, having an ID on me with my details, like blood type, and emergency contact numbers, does help me to feel a little safer, knowing that at least if anything were to happen, the people who find me will be able to contact a next of kin.

Lifeline-ID¬†gave me the chance to try one of their ID wrist bands out and this was the one I chose – a Blue colour Lineline PRO. This ID band is a silicone wrist band which has a stainless steel clasp, and it allows you to customize the size to fit your wrist/ankle. I realised, after Yue-Jin (the owner) handed mine to me, that I have a pretty tiny wrist, so, a regular free sized- wrist band would probably have been too loose for me. I know what you’re thinking, all that metal clasp thingy, wouldn’t that rust or gather dirt or give your chaffing on your skin? I thought the same thing too.

LifelineID Karen

I took it out on several occasions; once for my daily work which is training people which means sweat from not only me, but other people can get to it. Once I brought it cycling for about 3 hours, doing an 80 something km ride (I told you I am slow). And just this past weekend I brought it into the trails at the Action Asia Otterbox Salomon trail run in Janda Baik, where the mud went knee high, and we crossed 2 streams that were about the level of my thighs and you can bet I sweat bucket loads. After each event, I would just give it a quick rinse under the tap and then leave it to dry.

And no, it hasn’t rusted in any way. The clasp still works perfectly. And there is not a single tinge of sweat or mud smell on it. It’s pretty rock solid! No chaffing either, as all the edges of the metal clasp and ID tag are nice and smooth and tapered down (don’t know how to describe it but it’s nice and smooth la).

I think that it’s a pretty sweet piece of gear to wear, especially in today’s world of endurance athletes. We are definitely pushing our limits every week, and nothing thrills us more than a nice heart pumping training session. Our family and loved ones are the people who sit at home and worry about us when we are out doing all this crazy, so I think it is important that we let them know that they are the first people who will be notified in case of an emergency. =)

There are many other ID styles, for more info, do check out :)

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